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Announcing myself "all-inclusive, come as you are, I'm open for anything" sometimes gets misunderstood. I welcome everyone, but I need to make some things very clear. To make sure we are all on the same page and we don't end up in a sticky conflict - I want to layout anything and everything that will cause me to decline you as a client or fire you if you happen to sneak in and get stuff out later after signing my contract and paying my retainer. I would rather be brutally honest and scare away anyone who's not ok with my "hard limits." After all, communication is key!


Oh, you're asking about the folks who pose with me in my self-portraits. Right. Those are my friends - people I trust, people I know, people I feel comfortable around. So, no - if we don't have that connection built on trust and invested time/energy - I will not do it with you too.

I have this fantasy. Can I masturbate or have intercourse with my partner in front of you?

No. I strictly keep business and personal life separate, and what you are asking breaches my boundaries. There are probably people who would be ok with that, but that person is not me. It is written in your contract that if you make me feel uncomfortable because I'm being dragged into a scene I haven't agreed to, your session will end immediately, and your contract will terminate. I will refund no monies or deliver any products/photos. The memory cards will get formatted right at that moment, on the spot. If you are unsure if you are asking something that is a boundary or not - feel free to discuss this with me during our initial phone consultation. Not every situation will end up in termination of session/contract, but I want to layout the rules before anything else because I have had people ask me these things in the past.


Now, you can be completely nude, you can touch yourself, you can cuddle with your partner, you can foreplay and all... But leave the heat for later when you are not here. If you lose it and reach a boundary I will verbally warn you once, but there won't be a second try.

Can I be completely nude for some photos?

Yes. As long as you are comfortable, you can. Nudity does not register in my brain like most people; it's no different from someone sneezing. It's natural; it's raw. It's only weird if you make it weird, and by making weird, I mean if you try to make me part of the scene.

What if I have an erection during the session?

I recognize that the penis has its own mind, and it's probably contemplating how to take over the world. I get that. It's not controllable. As long as your words/actions are not directed at me or anyone on my team, that is not a deal-breaker. We can take a short break for a cool-down. BUT, if you try to fish for something else and see if I'll be ok with that - we have a problem. Your session will end immediately, your contract will terminate, and no monies will be... Yup - refunded. You get it.

I don't want my photos to be published online. Can we keep them private?

Of course! I recognize that this session is more intimate and vulnerable compared to a... Let's say... engagement photos that are done in the Art District. Although the copyright remains with me, my clients have complete control over whether their photos are published or not, and if published, which ones and how so. It is in my contract in writing - so you never have to think something will happen without your knowledge. Just like I take steps to protect myself, I also take steps to protect my clients.

Can the session take place outside of your studio?

Of course! Travel within 10 miles is included in the session booking fee, and if the location you want is beyond 10 miles, travel fees will apply. Please remember that all permits and venue fees are the client's responsibility. And no - I will not allow you to carry your session outside in public and get me in legal trouble. That's a no from me as I will not risk my reputation and business because someone wanted to be adventurous and do illegal shit. You can do that some other time when you're alone or with another photographer who seeks the same adrenalin.

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Aurora Lust is an all-inclusive Dallas erotica and lifestyle photographer that welcomes everyone from every race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.

This is a safe space; you never have to wonder if you can work with Aurora Lust. You are loved and always welcome here!